Christopher Blanc

What is a Christopher, and dear God, what is a Blanc?

What is a Christopher?

What does the name "Christopher" mean? It is a combination of words of Greek derivation, and means either bearer of Christ, or to bear Christ internally. The original, Khristophoros, got anglicized into Christopher and has been a popular name in English ever since. During the 1970s, it was the fifth most popular name for baby boys in the USA. During the 1990s, it was the first most popular name, eventually losing out to Ryan.

What is a Blanc?

What does the name "Blanc" mean? We know it's a type of white wine. In French, from which the name comes, "blanc" means pale, pallid, white or empty, much like our anglicization "blanche." You may be familiar with the phrase "carte blanche," meaning a blank card or blank check. The name shows up anywhere someone wants to say something is lighter in color. Mont Blanc, the famed German pen company, Blanc Wireless Routers, Mel Blanc the cartoon voice genius, and Grand Blanc, MI are all examples of this use of the word. Most people are named "Le Blanc" unless that name has been anglicized as well, in which case they become simply Blancs.

How do I acquire Blanc?

If you'd like to purchase or befriend a Blanc, see the canonical Chris Blanc and Christopher Blanc list. If you're looking for a particular Blanc, we recommend Christopher Blanc or Chris Blanc. For more information on the works of Chris Blanc, see either Chris Blanc Fiction or Bolg::The Chris Blanc Weblog. Good luck in your quest for Blanc!

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